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Payments may be made in person at Whiskers or credit card by phone. Please make checks payable to Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa.

ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS: Current vaccine records sent to Whiskers at least one week prior to class, and payment.


•Rabies (required for dogs over 4 months of age)
•Bordetella-Once yearly
•Negative Fecal Exam-Once Yearly
•Canine Influenza-Recommended

Please contact your veterinarian and have them email, or fax (616-575-6076) current records before starting classes with us. If we have not received updated vaccine history prior to class you may attend without your dog until we receive updated information. There is a $25 fee for cancelled or transferred registrations less than one week prior to class.

Family members are welcome to attend class, children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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