Board and Train

20160608_133950This is a great option for individuals who are boarding their dog or puppy at Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa and would continue their dog’s education. Our staff of trainers will work to improve or create desired behaviors. A follow up appointment is required.

How it works:

  • Board and Train sessions are by appointment only.
  • A consultation prior to boarding will evaluate your training goals and determine a course of action.
  • During boarding, behaviors will be worked on daily or at a predetermined pace.
  • Depending upon your training goals we may need to use new cue words. For the sake of strengthening the connection and reliability of these words to the behavior, a transfer appointment is required to share them with you. We prefer to achieve reliability in the behavior before transferring to you. If there are inconsistencies at home in cues or methodology the dog may be confused and the training could break down.
  • The Transfer appointment is a vital part of the success for this type of training. Behaviors, cue words and methods must be transferred to the owner once progress has been made. Since consistency is such an important part of successful training, we need to help you get the most out of the work we have started with your dog. The follow-up and transfer appointment is done at Whiskers University and the fee is the same as for a Board and Train session as listed below.

Board and Train Pricing (in addition to your boarding fee)

$25 per half hour session
$45 per hour session

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