CaliWeaveAgility is the most popular canine sport for the dog and handler. The handler guides the dog through a variety of obstacles. Tunnels, jumps, teeter-totter, ramps as well as other obstacles make up an agility course. This sport is a great bonding experience for dog and handler while providing a workout for both!

Available classes:

Beginner Agility 100

Advanced Beginner 150

Intermediate Agility 200

Advanced Agility 250

Prerequisite for each is the class before, or instructor evaluation for placement.

These classes take place at Whiskers University’s Main Campus building – 3100 29th Street Grand Rapids MI 49512

6 week Agility Classes are $135

Class registration is guaranteed only upon payment – (616)575-5660.

Enrollment Requirements: Current vaccine records sent to Whiskers at least one week prior to class and payment.

Required Vaccines:

  • Rabies (required for dogs over 4 months of age)
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella-Once yearly
  • Negative Fecal Exam-Once Yearly
  • Canine Influenza-Recommended

Please contact your veterinarian and have them email, or fax (616-575-6076) current records before starting classes with us. If we have not received updated vaccine history prior to class you may attend without your dog until we receive updated information. There is a $25 fee for cancelled or transferred registrations less than one week prior to class.

Upcoming Agility Classes

This is not an automated website. Classes may be full that are not listed as such.

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